A Demo Reel for any professional that needs to showcase their talents and expertise. We provide the scripts, actors, locations, direction, coaching, DP and camera. Or, bring your own materials and we'll do the rest!


We offer a business approach, a focus on how to "book the room" combined with teaching you creative and workable techniques to approaching whatever material you are given. There are many variables that affect whether or not you get a job: the right look, height, size – so many things that an actor cannot control. Your job is to be relaxed, polished and professional. We can help you calm your nerves, gain confidence, and get noticed in the room.

“Thrill Your Team”  Team Building Events

Thrill your team with our team!  Our Team Building Events provide a memorable and valuable group activity for your team! Thrill them wth a unique and fun experience in front of the camera! They will be entertained and inspired  while unleashing their creativity and discovering new keys toward communication and team work: collaborating and learning skills to promote confidence that can be effective in public speaking, sales and everyday business interactions.

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ACting REel
$1,500-$1,800 For Two Scenes

  • Two scene minimum
  • We provide actors, scripts, locations, DP, camera package of your choice, director, editing, music
  • You receive one edited reel + two full edited scenes to use for clips
  • If you provide the material and actors cost is $1,500
  • Each additional scene after two scenes is additional $300
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Hosting Reel
$1,200- $1,300 for two segments

  • Two segment minimum. Maximum 40 seconds each
  • We provide material, location, DP, camera package of your choice, hosting director, editing, music
  • If you bring your own material, cost is $1,200 
  • Each additional segment is $175.00
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Corporate PRESentation
$600/two hours

  • Two hour minimum
  • Filming a corporate presentation and providing video
  • Previous corporate clients include: Nokia, Cisco, Cox, Microsoft, Wyeth
  • NOTE: Coaching is provided for business presentations.. Coaching is $150/hr 

Team Building Events

  • 2.5 - 4 hour team building workshop at the location of your choice 
  • You can choose to work on company related presentations, work with our host material, or do a scene with a work peer. We will provide the material. We will film each of you and the group experience. We will coach you through it as a group with some fun acting exercises and communication techniques that help develop trust and confidence. We will have a feedback session as well.
  • You will receive one edited copy of the event for the group. Additional individual copies are $35
  • Maximum of 22 people at each workshop.
  • 2.5 hrs:  $2,500.00
  • 4  hrs:    $3,200.00 


Sony F55/4k Camera package (motion picture quality, used extensively on tv series shows)

Sony F900 camera package

Sony EX-1  camera package

Canon D6 DSLR package

Sennheiser sound package, Shotgun - 4 wireless mics.

Complete 1ton Grip&Electric package.

Green screen package.